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NBHS Art Club

Welcome to nbhs_artclub!

Needham Broughton High School Art Club


Welcome to nbhs_artclub!

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keep calm

Welcome to the Needham Broughton High School Official Art  Club Blog. 

This is your friendly (or not-so-friendly) blog moderator, Lauren. 

I apologize for the ugliness of this journal; hopefully it will be all multicolored and pretty by this weekend. Because it just doesn't do to have an ugly blog for artists. It was more important to get it up and running than to do all the custom HTML right off.

Some important upcoming events for all members: 

-The Inter-club Council Club Fair is tomorrow, Sep. 7th, during all lunches. Art Club will be distributing flyers. First lunch will be staffed by myself and Nikki Piombino, second lunch will be Amanda Mordecai, third will be Ms. Smith's A3 class. 
-Our next meeting is Monday, September 11th. Please plan to be there. It will be a long meeting as we need to work on a number of things, including our Club Constitution, Officers, and Homecoming. Be thinking of ideas and brainstorming! What should art club be? What should requirements be? What do you want to do this year? 

Need more info? Contact Ms. Smith in room 3304, Chelsea Lang, Amanda Mordecai, Mahlet Hailemariam, or myself, Lauren Casteen.

See you Monday!

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