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NBHS Art Club

Meeting Notes, 9/11/06

Needham Broughton High School Art Club


Meeting Notes, 9/11/06

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keep calm

Notes (Thanks, Alisha, for taking notes!!!!!!)

Constitution Committee
-Laura M. 

Homecoming Committee

Meetings will henceforth be held on Mondays. They will be (eventually) every other Monday, however we will be meeting every Monday between now and Homecoming to finish Homecoming-related tasks. 
No new members will be admitted after Homecoming. If you have any friends who are planning on joining, make sure they are aware of this.

In Addition, we ask that you actually CHECK THIS BLOG frequently! It contains important information!

At our next meeting, we will: 
-Discuss and/or hold Officer Elections
-Work on Homecoming ideas (the popular idea right now appears to be: Wear black, white, purple, gold, or your Art Club T-shirt with jeans or black jeans, and we'll march with a poster. Face paint and hair color are a definite possibility.) 
-Discuss possible events for this year. 
-Draw up the constitution...?

If you have suggestions, please please PLEASE post them here! This is a great place to do that! Just click "Leave a Comment" below!

See you all next Monday!



  • 1974 high school students

    can someone please email me and let me know how i can contact someone who left in 1974 PLEASE!!!
    • Re: 1974 high school students

      my email is sineadh1@hotmail.com thanks
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